Tax Depreciation Schedules Reduce Your Tax

Using a Tax Depreciation Schedule can deliver thousands in tax deductions

The majority of property investors don't fully understand the power of a professionally prepared Tax Depreciation Schedule and subsequently miss out on thousands of dollars worth of tax deductions.

With the end of financial year just around the corner it is time to ensure you maximise your tax deductions by ordering a Tax Depreciation Schedule.

Tax depreciation schedules are also known as tax depreciation reports and to ensure you secure your maximum depreciation deductions on your investment property it is strongly advised that you engage a reputable Quantity Surveyor to prepare your report. Don't succumb to the discounted online reports as you will most likely end up in hot water with the tax office at a later stage.

Your accountant will use your tax depreciation schedule to ensure you claim what's rightfully yours when preparing your tax return each year. The cost of preparing the depreciation schedule is also tax deductible and is certainly well worth investing in one.

Make sure you don't join the masses by making the simple mistake of not using a tax depreciation schedule.

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