Latte Property is a provider of quality new apartments, new townhouses and new homes.

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This content is for education purposes only. Information has been prepared without consideration of your personal circumstances and does not propose that property or a SMSF is suitable for your circumstances.

 Assumptions may not represent actual future market performance, no investment strategy is foolproof and no return is ever guaranteed. Fluctuating interest rates and/or changes to your taxable income will cause variations to financial results. Future changes to tax laws may also have a negative impact on the holding costs of your property investment and expected tax benefits.

You will need sufficient taxable income and qualify to borrow sufficient funds for your property purchase, in addition to having a minimum of 10 per cent cash deposit, or access to equity in another property, to be able to invest in property for less than a latte a day. 

Every effort has been made at time of writing and publishing to include information that is accurate and in line with current government legislation and tax laws within Australia.

As the author has no control over future changes to government legislation and tax laws and their potential impact on property investment outcomes, it is important that you seek independent financial, legal, taxation and real estate advice and to consider any relevant Product Disclosure Statements prior to investing in property or any other asset class.

Properties mentioned will be subject to availability, developer terms, conditions, pricing and may change without notice at any time. Stamp Duty payable and Owners Corporation fees are an estimate only. Any proposed rental returns are purely an estimate based on what is currently advertised in the area. Whilst every reasonable effort will be taken to accurately represent individual projects it is possible that marketing images and specifications may at times not accurately represent the actual product.

Note: Buyers & Sellers of property should use the Consumer Affairs

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Latte Property is a provider of quality new apartments, new townhouses and new homes.

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