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At Latte Property we have over 36 Property Providers on our Panel, providing you with a multitude of property types throughout Melbourne and Australia.
With over 25 years’ experience and knowledge to share with you we can help you gain clarity on what to buy and where to buy. 
In addition we can help reduce risks with multi-level screening and due diligence processes from our extensive Panel of property providers.



Thanks to Darryl’s clear and concise communication on property investment, we are now in the process of purchasing our first investment property.

We look forward to discussing our second, third and fourth property investments with Darryl and highly recommend watching his video series so you can also see how easy it is to invest in property.
— Craig Newell, Property Investor
Darryl Simms, Founder of Latte Property

Darryl Simms, Founder of Latte Property

Becky Luo, Property Specialist

Becky Luo, Property Specialist


Darryl Simms - Property Investment Specialist

As the Founder of Latte Property, Darryl Simms enjoys sharing his knowledge to help individuals realise the power of property investment.

Darryl is also the Author of "50 Must Know Property Investing Tips" and is currently writing his next Property Investment publication. Check it out here.

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Beck Luo - Property Specialist

Becky has a strong finance and accounting background, with her real passion being helping people achieve their financial goals through property investment...
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Lyndon Mustafa - Property Enthusiast

With his diverse background and passion for property, Lyndon delivers high quality service and excellent follow up, winning him a lot of friends along the way...
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