Choosing the right property manager

 A quality Property Manager should help maximize your returns whilst reducing risk for you.

Our article "27 questions to ask your Property Manager"  is essential in helping you choose the right property manager.

Taking extra time at the outset to interview prospective Property Managers is important as securing a professional Property Management company will provide you with peace of mind as well as protect your investment.

Many Real Estate Agencies have a primary focus on property sales rather than property management and therefore fail to deliver high service standards in the area of managing your rental property.

You need your property manager to choose the right tenants that will pay you the highest rent possible whilst minimise your vacancies.

Always look for a Property Manager that is a licensed Real Estate Agent. This ensures they understand and adhere to all laws regarding rental properties.

Be wary of discounted property management fees as low fees usually equate to low quality service and unnecessary high risk.

In Melbourne quality Property Managers usually charge around 6 to 8 per cent of the rent if they are providing a full service such as interviewing tenants, reference checks, inspection reports, arranging tradesmen for maintenance and dispute resolution.

Property investing has some complexities in relation to legalities therefore it is important to pay for a quality property management service to protect your investment plus provide peace of mind.  

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