Buy Property With Super - SMSF

When looking to purchase property with your Super (self managed super fund - SMSF) you have 2 options as a starting point.

Option 1: Identify a quality investment property and purchase it with various conditions set out in the COS (contract of sale) such as, purchase subject to SMSF finance approval and with a long settlement date such as 90 – 120 days to give you ample time to set up your SMSF and arrange finance if needed.

Option 2: Set up your SMSF first and purchase an investment property afterwards.

Which option will be the most appropriate for you will really depend on your current situation and investment goals. It is therefore important to speak with a professional early in the process to gain an understanding of benefits of each option and gain some clarity on the best way forward.

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By Darryl Simms

Before you get started make sure you consider the two options you have available when buying an investment property using your Super (SMSF).




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