Property Ownership Structures

Property Ownership Structures for tax benefits and asset protection

Once you have decided to purchase a property for investment it is important to explore what the most suitable ownership structure will be. Most people, particularly first time investors, will simply purchase a property in their own name or in joint names with their life partner, when often there would have been more suitable ownership structures.

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Getting the ownership structure correct at the start can set you up for various benefits long into the future, whereas getting it wrong can be absolutely disastrous.

Each and every property investor will have a unique set of circumstances, which is why it is critical to seek expert advice in relation to the most suitable ownership structure prior to purchasing your investment property. 

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  • Tax implications for each structure are to be considered
  • Who should receive income from the investment property?
  • Who should the capital growth be applied to?
  • Are you likely to be sued through your line of work? (if yes, which is the best structure to protect your asset/s?)
  • Do you have any Estate Planning needs that should be addressed?

As you can see, you need to be looking at more than just tax implications when choosing which ownership structure will best suit your own individual circumstances.

There are four main types of structures used which we go into in greater detail in our free download below

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As mentioned previously, it is critical that you seek professional advice in relation to your own individual circumstances and future plans BEFORE buying your investment property.

To speak with an ownership structure specialist please contact our office.

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