Lead Generation: Double Your Income

Lead Generation: Double Your Income

In my previous blog, “Double your income: work less in 2015”, I explained the many benefits of forming an alliance with a property specialist and referring potential buyers to them.

Now it’s time to explore some ways you can generate leads of potential property buyers to refer to your property specialist and to secure finance for the new purchases.

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How to generate leads

You may find it easier to generate interest in property than it is to promote home loans or investment loans. Use catchy images or adverts for your various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube to grab the attention of potential property buyers.

Email marketing

Send out joint marketing info to your existing database via email or snail mail to generate interest from property buyers. Once again, remember to focus on property rather than on loans.


Run seminars in conjunction with your property investment specialist, leveraging off your combined knowledge and both of your databases to fill the seats.

You can start with a small boardroom event or jump right into hiring a larger venue for your seminar. Venues don’t need to burn a hole in your wallet – some lower cost options to consider are libraries, sporting clubs, RSL clubs, churches or the boardroom of one of your valued clients.

By running joint seminars, you will be helping educate your clients whilst creating the opportunity for an extra income stream for yourself.

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Just like the seminar idea, you can team up with your property specialist and run an online property information seminar to educate your clients and generate potential buyers.

Pick up the phone

Busy brokers often take the easy way out and use emails or text messages, yet picking up the phone for a quick chat will almost always net a better result. Make your existing clients and prospects feel valued and take a few minutes to give them a call for a basic health check discussion.

When you call your clients, find a way to include property investment into the conversation. A simple starting point can be asking whether they’ve thought about using property to secure tax benefits. Another great intro topic can be to ask whether they’ve thought about using property investment to create a better lifestyle in the future or to fund their kid’s education.

Once you capture their interest, you can suggest a casual discussion with your property specialist over the phone, via Skype or preferably face-to-face.

Types of buyers

It is worth remembering that there are several types of buyers that will be in the market for off-the-plan properties:

• First-time buyers who want to use an off-the-plan investment property to enter the market
• Downsizers who want to purchase a new apartment or townhouse with all the mod-cons
• Parents who want to help their kids get a foothold on the property ladder 
• High-income professionals who are looking for negative gearing benefits and high capital growth property in blue-chip suburbs

Also, buyers who have said they are looking for an established property can often change their minds once they have been shown the many advantages associated with new properties.

Free Download: Property Tax Deductions Download


Remember, if you don’t help your current clients and prospects with new properties, then someone else will, and there is a strong chance they will drift away from you in the process.

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his article first appeared in The Adviser  on 23 February 2015.

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Written by Darryl Simms - First published on The Adviser