Mount French New Zealand Expedition Update

Simmsy's Mount French Expedition Update

Mount French New Zealand - Planned Route 2016 Expedition

Mount French New Zealand - Planned Route 2016 Expedition

Our Mount French expedition is only a few days away now!

Now is probably a good time to reflect on how I went with my Mount Everest Goal that I set for myself in January 2015. My goal was to climb the elevation of Mt Everest prior to 30th Sept 2015 and it was coming along nicely with 30% completed by early May.

Pain in the foot:

Things went quite "pear-shaped" on the 16th May when my right foot started causing me serious grief. The last half of 2015 consisted of weekly treatments from a multitude of medical specialists and almost zero walking.

Whilst Latte Property has been growing in leaps and bounds over the last year, I regret to say my exercise regime has been extremely disappointing due to physical limitations imposed by my recurring foot injury.

With close to 18 months of planning going into this upcoming expedition I had no intention of giving up. Short of chartering a helicopter to the summit, which would require a second mortgage to pay for it, the only other solution I have come up with is to scale back my goal.

Revised Goal:

My new revised goal is to hike with the team as far as the last hut which is just below the snow line on Mount French. Whilst it is still an arduous climb, it will at least allow me to lighten my backpack by about 5 kilos as I won't need to take mountaineering boots, crampons, harness, ice picks etc.

French Ridge Hut New Zealand

French Ridge Hut New Zealand

In a few days time I hope to be sunning myself at French Ridge Hut (pictured above) whilst the rest of our team tackle the summit and the Bonar Glacier.

Whilst I hang out at the hut for a couple days I hope the weather is kind enough to allow me to capture some great photos which I will share with you upon our return in February.