First Home Buyer Success Story - Shane Thornton

Shane Thornton Shares His Success Journey

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Video Transcript - Opening

I first had the pleasure of meeting Darryl Simms from Latte Property 5 years and 3 months ago to be precise. He helped us, my wife and I, into our first home. We were a bit of a nightmare for Darryl I think, he could tell how green we were when we walked in and the style of questions we were asking him.

I could see at one point he knew that we had no idea about what we were getting into, what questions to ask or any of that kind of information which we needed to be asking him. And, God bless his soul, he saw that in us straight away and calmed us down, got us to sit and stop and then gracefully explained everything we needed to know and told us the questions we needed to be asking him as well, which we were eternally grateful for, because he made a difficult process extremely easy and extremely comfortable.

And every time we sat with Darryl, it was always the same. It was comfortable, it was smiley, it was happy, there was lots of laughing. It can be a stressful thing buying a house as people know but Darryl made it so easy. We’ve recommended him to everybody, he’s the first guy that pops into our head, he’s the first guy we recommend to all our friends. In fact, we touched base with Darryl again recently regarding some investment property because we now have equity in our place thanks to the fabulous deal that he scored us.

All these kind of things, all these questions, all these things that you need to know as a first home buyer, Darryl knows it. And he knows about investment properties as well. As soon as we thought ‘Right, we have enough equity on our place’ who was the guy we called? Straight away it was Darryl. And we will call him and use him for everything we need to do with investing properties, with buying new properties, getting our family members into houses etc

I cannot recommend Darryl highly enough, for such a daunting process or a daunting task, he knows his stuff, he’s a humanitarian, he has a very kind heart, he does a lot of charity work, and that’s the kind of people you want to be dealing with when you’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars.

People that are not in it to make hundreds of thousands of dollars for themselves, but this guy is in it to help you get into your first house and to start to build your wealth and your portfolio. He looks after you and you feel looked after, so those kind of things and those kind of qualities in a person are exactly what we were looking for. We didn’t think we would find it in this industry, but sure enough, lo and behold, it’s there and you can find it.

I would not hesitate in recommending Darryl Simms and Latte Property to anybody for anything property related.


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