Auction Results | Melbourne Property Sales Results 30/06/13

Melbourne Property Sales Results

Sat 29th June & Sun 30th June 2013

A clearance rate of 73 per cent was recorded today compared to 69 per cent last weekend and 55 per cent this weekend last year.

There were 601 auctions reported to the REIV this weekend, with 437 selling and 164 being passed in, 76 of those on a vendor bid.

The slight increase in the clearance rate this week may be due to the first home owners grant for established dwellings coming to an end on the 30th, June 2013.

Next weekend the REIV expects around 390 auctions.

Enzo Raimondo



S Sold at Auction: 358

SB Sold before Auction: 78

SA Sold after Auction: 1

Passed in: 164

Passed in on vendor's bid: 76

Clearance rate: 73%


This week: 601

Yesterday: 12

Last Sunday: 25

This weekend last month: 773

This weekend last year: 597


Weekend: 73%

Yesterday: 83%

Last Sunday: 72%

This weekend last month: 73%

This weekend last year: 55%

Postponed: 9

Withdrawn: 6

Auctions with no result: 54

PS Private Sales: 584

Total Volume (Auctions): $303.21mil

Total Volume (Private Sales): $270.1mil

Total Auctions Houses: 362

Clearance Rate: 75%

Median Price: $678,500

Total Value: $207,876,050

Total Auctions Flats/Apartments: 226

Clearance Rate: 69%

Median Price: $510,000

Total Value: $82,908,750

Total Auctions Vacant Land: 10

Clearance Rate: 50%

Median Price: $555,000

Total Value: $4,205,000