Auction Results | Melbourne Property Sales Results 10-06-13

Melbourne Property Sales Results for Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th June 2013

Melbourne Property Sales achieved a clearance rate of 66 per cent  this weekend compared to 73 per cent last weekend and 58 per cent this weekend last year.

Due to the Queens Birthday public holiday on Monday auction volumes are very low this weekend and as a result the outcome is not a true indication of the state of the market.

There were 158 auctions reported to the REIV this weekend, with 105 selling and 53 being passed in, 31 of those on a vendor bid.

Next weekend the REIV expects around 810 auctions

Enzo Raimondo



S Sold at Auction: 80

SB Sold before Auction: 25

SA Sold after Auction: 0

Passed in: 53

Passed in on vendor's bid: 31

Clearance rate: 66%


This week: 158

Yesterday: 2

Last Sunday: 21

This weekend last month: 732

This weekend last year: 628


Weekend: 66%

Yesterday: 50%

Last Sunday: 86%

This weekend last month: 70%

This weekend last year: 58%

Postponed: 8

Withdrawn: 6

Auctions with no result: 0

PS Private Sales: 672

Total Volume (Auctions): $61.27mil

Total Volume (Private Sales): $303.3mil

Total Auctions Houses: 105

Clearance Rate: 69%

Median Price: $555,500

Total Value: $45,368,000

Total Auctions Flats/Apartments: 45

Clearance Rate: 62%

Median Price: $546,000

Total Value: $14,239,500

Total Auctions Vacant Land: 8

Clearance Rate: 62%

Median Price: $315,000

Total Value: $1,666,000