Auction Results | Melbourne Property Sales Results 03/06/13

Melbourne Property Sales Results

1st June & 2nd June 2013

A clearance rate of 74 per cent was recorded this weekend compared to 69 per cent last weekend and 56 per cent for this weekend last year.

Todays result is an improvement on the clearance rate in May which was 70 per cent from 2,848 auctions. May recorded  an increase of 2 points from April. When compared to May last year, the improvement in the market is obvious with 10 per cent more auctions and a clearance rate that is 8 points higher.

There were 721 auctions reported to the REIV this weekend, with 531 selling and 190 being passed in, 107 of those on a vendor bid.

Next weekend the REIV expects around 170 auctions.

Enzo Raimondo


S Sold at Auction: 418

SB Sold before Auction: 113

SA Sold after Auction: 0

Passed in: 190

Passed in on vendor's bid: 107

Clearance rate: 74%


This week: 721

Yesterday: 12

Last Sunday: 14

This weekend last month: 748

This weekend last year: 647


Weekend: 74%

Yesterday: 92%

Last Sunday: 86%

This weekend last month: 69%

This weekend last year: 56%

Postponed: 7

Withdrawn: 5

Auctions with no result: 7

PS Private Sales: 685

Total Volume (Auctions): $400.57mil

Total Volume (Private Sales): $329.2mil

Total Auctions Houses: 476

Clearance Rate: 74%

Median Price: $726,000

Total Value: $296,679,295

Total Auctions Flats/Apartments: 232

Clearance Rate: 72%

Median Price: $535,000

Total Value: $99,816,800

Total Auctions Vacant Land: 12

Clearance Rate: 67%

Median Price: $310,000

Total Value: $3,043,000