4 Tips For Auction Day

4 Tips For Auction Day

Latte Property 4 Tips For Auction Day

Latte Property 4 Tips For Auction Day

1. Remember that the auctioneer is employed by the seller

The Auctioneer is employed to get the best possible price for their property. 

Good auctioneer’s are able to encourage buyers to enter the bidding early, keep things moving fast with excitement and even force buyers to bid higher than they intended. 

2. Try to look disinterested

This is the best approach if at all possible as this may help encourage the seller to lower their reserve.

3. Don’t bid early!

Wait until the reserve price has been reached before bidding as a lack of interest can confuse some bidders and may also force the seller to drop their reserve.

4. Change the increments of the bids

Changing increments of bids away from the auctioneer's chosen amounts can intimidate other bidders and shows you have a strategic plan and are confident.

Wishing you luck!

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