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Darryl Simms is an Author, Speaker, Property Investment Specialist and the Founder of Latte Property.

Darryl enjoys helping individuals invest in property for less than a latte a day, reduce their tax and create enjoyable lifestyles.

As the Founder of Latte Property, Darryl willingly shares his extensive knowledge built up over the last 25 years to help clients create wealth through property investment.

Latte Property has a large following of successful property investors who have enjoyed professional guidance in the purchase of quality new apartments, new townhouses and new homes.

Darryl is also the Author of “50 Must Know Property Investing Tips” and is currently writing his next Property Investment publication.  

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Darryl's professional journey has been one of continuous learning and courageous entrepreneurship.

Key successes: 

•  Client success stories in Your Mortgage and Your Investment Property magazines

•  99.12% of clients from direct Word Of Mouth recommendations 

•  Launch of Latte Property to meet client demand for quality new properties


 However, what makes Latte Property such an inspirational success story is that it all began with 2 major setbacks: 

First a back injury forced Darryl out of his initial career in agriculture, then an unexpected redundancy from a highly successful sales position brought his second career to a halt.

 “In hindsight, it was the best thing that happened to me”, reflects Darryl. Instead of accepting other employment opportunities, Darryl refocused, retrained, and started his own business.

With a wealth of knowledge and business success to his name, Darryl is now sharing his expertise and passion for helping others in his business approach at Latte Property.

‘Providing quality property solutions to his clients, while simultaneously equipping them with invaluable skills for generating their own sustainable wealth.’

Darryl also extends the philosophy of making a difference into all aspects of his life. Some of Darryl’s many community engagements include:

•  Apex Member for 17 years – many fundraising & community service projects

•  Founder of Business Networking International group (BNI) in Manningham in 2003

•  Rotary Club of Heidelberg Membership Committee past member 

Darryl’s most inspirational community engagement, however, is an alliance with the Salvos:

 “Those with homes helping those without”

•  Supporting Australia’s homeless via the Salvos Home Loan Shelter Appeal by providing an ongoing monthly contribution to the appeal, at no cost to clients.

•  Over $195,667 has been donated via this program since January 2007

Darryl’s ability to create positive change is best evidenced in a recent client testimonial: 

 “Darryl’s enthusiasm for helping others in whatever way he can is only surpassed by his absolute passion 

for helping his clients build wealth through property with creative ideas, structures and ongoing guidance.” Rob Biddle

When asked where he sought his inspiration he shared his favourite quote: 

"Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value" - Albert Einstein.

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 Darryl Simms Founder of Latte Property

Darryl Simms Founder of Latte Property

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