Choosing A Property Manager

The most important reason to engage a Property Manager is to help maximize your investment property returns and to reduce risk for you.

Property Manager Checklist

With this in mind you need to spend time to research and locate the right property manager to give you peace of mind and let you get on with life knowing that your investment property is being well looked after. 

A lot of Real Estate companies have a strong focus on selling property and simply "bolt on" a property management service to increase their revenue. With this approach many of them deliver very sub standard service in the area of managing your investment property.

Property investing has many complexities in relation to legalities so it is important to engage a property management service that will protect your investment and provide you with peace of mind.

To help you in your task of Choosing A Property Manager we have created a free checklist of 27 questions to ask your property manager. We strongly recommend you interview at least 3 Property Managers and treat it as if you were interviewing them for a job. 

27 Questions To Ask Your Property Manager


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